About Uniform Guide

Since 1994, UNIFORM GUIDE has been the leading “unofficial authority” on the proper wear of U.S. Military Uniforms. Over a Million books have been sold, just in military base exchanges around the World.. Thousands more in Mortuaries, Sewing Shops, Movie-Maker wardrobe departments, off-base stores like Ranger Joes, and internet orders. One of our products even appeared in the movie “Taking Chance” starring Kevin Bacon. Stephen Spielberg’s wardrobe department ordered from us for various movies, as have many other studios. Dale Dye, a highly respected Hollywood “military advisor”, sent us an unsolicited letter of thanks for such a valuable tool.

Uniform Guide” is based on official military regulations of each of the 5 Services. The secret of success of this particular book is it’s ability to distill hundreds of pages of “Official Regulations” to around 60-80 pages (depending on Service) of just “Need to Know” information on a day to day basis. Detailed, extraneous information can be found in the “official regulation”, if one wants to look through hundreds of pages from a borrowed Regulation, or internet search.

Additional advantages of this product over a recently introduced competitor include:
1) “UNIFORM GUIDE” costs less. 2) “UNIFORM GUIDE” comes with it’s own ruler. 3) is in more Military Exchanges than any other book of it’s type. 4) Pocket sized. 5) easy to understand with picture or drawing on one side, and written instructions on the other side

Products of “Uniform Guide“, besides the actual books include: Full Color Ribbon Charts for each service, Ribbon Booklet with ALL Services represented, and Insignia Chart, covering all services.